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  1. I woke up in the morning to find a giant shitstorm waiting for me. And a Steam Key. So I'm leaving for a week. It'll do me and the Temp good. ... If you see me in the Steam Key Giveaway thread, it does not count.
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    Wow. It's been a long time since I did a blog entry. Waking up right now here in...a US time zone, I am questioning a lot. Why has the sun not risen up even though its 7:00 AM? Why am I on GBATemp? Why am I living in the middle of nowhere? How the hell have I not died yet? I feel like my life...
  3. I like to mess around with stuff. Whether it be physical or digital. Upon hearing that Newer DS. had been released, I promptly went over to the website to find- Newer Wii? I look at the address bar and see that the link ends with "/wii/" so I changed it to "/ds/" because it was logical. It...
  4. A hundred likes. Meh. It's just that time of the year where I'm all alone and I realized it. *Sigh* ...
  5. I am not usually the one to be noticed or get likes. I usually ignore my notifications. Today when I actually checked it out, I saw that someone had liked my post in "" and I went over there. I was baffled...
  6. Hi.

    I want attention. I need attention. I'm depressed. ... Siri on Android, take me to Satan. *helpmeifyoudontknowthesituation*
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    Almost everyone hates me now. ... Whatever you do, don't notice this. ... Well, back to helping people in the non-EoF! :yay:
  8. Just no. Now I am going to help people instead. Screw @drenal and @Dionicio3 and @DRAGONBALLVINTAGE. Maybe I'll become a reporter like my g...gaerl @Chary. Wait... I tagged... :shit: ... :shit::shit::shit::shit::shit::shit::shit::shit::shit::shit::shit:
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    Apparently my post isn't even good enough for the EoF. :shit:
  10. A stupid superstition, no? [ATTACH] Itsa okay movie, so watch it.
  11. Hey guys. Sorry for the initial reaction. This game was supposed to be epic, but it ended up being okay. I am so pissed. Hey, at least the Theme of Infinite is edgier than Shadow. We got some edginess. *sigh*
  13. I wanted to create a new blog for no reason. But what to write about? ... ... ... ... ... I know! What about how long I have been meddling with consoles? So, it first started with the PS2 and GC. I mainly used cheats for a certain Disney-Square Enix crossover. Ahh...memories. But that was it....
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    Blogittyblogblogblog. I'm bored. Can anyone recommend any games? I've played most, if not all, of everything. So please? I'll give you candy!
  15. Yay. My new title: GBATemp's Favorite Random Phantom/Assassin/Senpai
  16. I really don't like laptops. They have portability, sure, but they're just too expensive for the processing power they have. That's why I use a desktop. And Opera. Because Chrome sucks. Here are some IMPORTANT SPECS. CPU - I5-2500K @5.5 GHZ I used a $15 fan for that. It is not hot and...