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Computer Reviews

Check out our latest computer game reviews. PC games are traditionally intended for the core gaming community, seeing as contemporary systems that are the host to games we now qualify as 'casual' are usually settled in the living room, connected to a TV. An increasingly small majority of franchises turn out to be available on both computers (Windows, and too rarely OSX and Linux) and consoles. It comes down to our reviewers whether they prefer reviewing a game on the PC or on their console - knowing that in most if not all cases a game will look better on the PC, assuming your PC comes with a decent video card.

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    Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Official Review

    Time to kill some Nazis.
    Posted by Prans Dunn, Nov 29, 2017  19
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    The Evil Within 2 Official Review

    Has the series from Resident Evil’s father, finally got itself together?
    Posted by Prans Dunn, Nov 11, 2017  7
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    Battle Chasers: Nightwar Official Review

    Join the merry bunch from the Battle Chasers comic book in their next adventure: an RPG video game!
    Posted by Prans Dunn, Nov 3, 2017  3
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    Elex Official Review

    Elex is an open world futuristic action RPG set on the planet “Magalan” that follows the story of Jax, your average, everyday commander who fails a mission and is on a path of revenge after a...
    Posted by Tom Bond, Oct 17, 2017  13
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    Blue Reflection Official Review

    Gust's latest RPG will have you reflecting on its beauty, and waifus. Chihiro best girl all day, every day
    Posted by Chris Knight, Oct 17, 2017  16
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    Cuphead Official Review

    Not only for the masocore-lovers.
    Posted by Prans Dunn, Oct 15, 2017  26
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    Dishonored: Death of the Outsider Official Review

    In a standalone expansion set shortly after the events of Dishonored 2, we meet Billie Lurk aboard her ship as she makes her way to a boxing club in Karnaca for a mission she set herself to...
    Posted by Prans Dunn, Oct 2, 2017  2
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    Agents of Mayhem Official Review

    The makers of Saints Row have come out with a new, standalone project. Does it manage to shine among the generic FPS horde?
    Posted by Alex McAuliffe, Sep 1, 2017  5
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    YS Seven Official Review

    YS Seven was originally released as a PSP game in 2009-2010. Here we have an "HD" upscale port to PC, with an updated localization, Steamworks integration, and most importantly, achievements. But does...
    Posted by Tom Bond, Aug 29, 2017  9
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    Brawlout Official Review

    A Smash clone that no one asked for. Should you ask for it?
    Posted by Prans Dunn, Aug 21, 2017  19
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    Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice Official Review

    The voices are bustling. They are getting more frequent, telling Senua to turn back, that it’s a stupid move! Don’t move forward! Will she? Will YOU?
    Posted by Prans Dunn, Aug 15, 2017  8
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    Phantom Trigger Official Review

    A grown-up adult who goes on adventures with his imaginary friends; did this game just describe us all?
    Posted by Prans Dunn, Aug 9, 2017  6
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    Fortnite Official Review

    Zombies? Check. Item scavenging? Check. LLAMAS?! Triple check. Get ready for Epic Games' unique entry into the survival genre.
    Posted by Chris Knight, Aug 7, 2017  14
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    Tacoma Official Review

    The developers of Gone Home have created another exploration-focused adventure. Are the desperate crew of the space station Tacoma interesting enough to create an engaging storyline?
    Posted by Alex McAuliffe, Aug 1, 2017  7
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    Sundered Official Review

    A Metroidvania with hand-drawn visuals from the creators of Jotun; is it as good as it sounds?
    Posted by Prans Dunn, Jul 31, 2017  9

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