I need help on how to install Vhbl on my 3.67 vita.

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    i am having some trouble with installing Vhbl on my 3.67 vita. I cannot get the game backup patch to show up in my psvimg tools. No matter what I do, it won’t show up? Should I use use windows 7 for this instead? I am using windows 10, and my game backups are not even showing up in the select game backup section of my psvimg tools. Actually a lot of people seem to have this problem as well. So just let me know on how to fix his problem, ASAP. I am also using 5.0.2 version of psvimg tools. So please help me out here. Because I am stuck. So thank you very much!
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    (Worked with Windows 7 64bit Enterprise, didn't install any additional programs, added this "d3dcompiler_47.dll" to system 32 folder, because of not having some direct x files installed or something, that was all)

    on PSTV USA, I used "Alien Zombie Death" PSP Game (did not work with pool hall pro psp game, and, you don't need to backup all files, just the psp game, then patch with psvimgtools 5.3.1, then transfer that and the save data, that psvimgtools 5.3.1 created on your pc in the backup folder to vita and it will work)

    Windows 7 64bit Enterprise or other may not work
    qcma 0.4.1
    psvimgtools 5.3.1

    1. leave official memory plugged in
    2. download "Alien Zombie Death"
    3. Context Manager/Copy Content/"PSTV System to PC" select psp game to transfer to PC
    4. psvimgtools select, "Easy Installers"/VHBL, then select game to patch
    5. (then refresh database option from qcma on pc)
    6. transfer patched psp game file to vita and the save data ("PC to PSTV System" from Context Manager)
    7. poweroff, then add, official memory card and power on

    "3.67 White List Patch Auto Installer!", thats a big plus, to have this and whitelist work, it replaces the bubble for the psp game with VHBL bubble, don't care about the emulators, but FTP is susposed to work?, will test though, with that, the "feature page" should be able to be removed manually, plus, some of that other stuff from psvimgtools that doesn't work maybe able to patch manually.




    extracted the contents, so it was folder named "PS Vita FTP"

    added to the "PSAVEDATA" folder, then, refreshed database from qcma, and transfered save file to pstv-vita

    after launching the VHBL bubble I selected the folder from there and then "install"

    "installed to ms0:/PSP/VHBL/" ................browsed to this location from the VHBL browser and launched FTP

    "FlashFXP 5.2.0" (port 21, login type "anonymous") and i'm in the vhbl directory, seems locked in there, you have quick access to the VHBL folder to add more apps, without having to use a "Windows 7 64bit" pc, so I can go back to using Windows XP, to transfer stuffs.:D

    (went back into the PSP/SAVEDATA folder from ftp and deleted the "PS Vita FTP" i used to originally install, I think you need to have the other one there all the time, install method now, is just direct FTP transfer, can't get to the location to remove the "feature page", but this is still great news, to run psp apps and emulators on 3.67)
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