Ubuntu VM with Pegaswitch Libtransistor and RetroArch PreConfigured

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    New scripts updated to include NES, GBA emulators
    Easily select the option you want to start building. Remember to put your roms in the RetroArch/fs folder before running the buildretro script

    The first script:
    • removes and rebuilds libtransistor, snes9x, vba-next and fceumm from their github sources
    • creates fs directory
    The second script:
    • make-cleans the retroarch folder
    • prompts you to select which emulator you want to build for
    • copies the respective libretro_switch.a to the RetroArch folder and builds the emulator .nro file

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    umm... it's already part of libtransistor? If you need to update it:

    cd /path/to/libtransistor/projects/ace_loader
    git pull origin master
    make clean && make LLVM_POSTFIX=-5.0

    If you want half of a clue how this stuff is set up, I suggest you read here: https://reswitchedweekly.github.io/Building-RetroArch/ and here: https://reswitchedweekly.github.io/Development-Setup/

    And if you want to also set up the image for 3ds stuff, I HIGHLY recommend you start by using the perl script, then update ctrulib (when installing, use sudo -H make install, that goes for installing python stuff as well (sudo -H pip install pycryptodome, "sudo -H pip install git+https://github.com/TuxSH/firmtool.git", etc)). Perl script is here: https://github.com/devkitPro/installer
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    yardie you a lifesaver tried running script and got error about recipe for target fs.squashfs failed?

    thanks urherenow i will try build ace.nro this way i had tried just typing make
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