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  • HamBone41801 8

    I was bored so I wrote some shitty code.

    it’s one of those “twitch plays” bots. I don’t really plan on using it all that much, but it’s still on from testing, so if you’d like, you can play. The current game is Pokemon red. Currently, it requires 10 votes to do an action, although it should probably just be on a timer. Use lowercase...
  • supergamer368 3

    happeh birfdai 2 mee

    Hooray I am now 14. I will commemorate this with a blog post, a very rare thing for me. thats it
  • Nerdtendo 15

    Tell me something about yourself

    This blog post is really an excuse to get to know some of you guys. Y'all seem like generally cool people. What's something interesting about yourself? It can be anything from a story you have from you were 9, to your dog's name. Ready, set, go.
  • bennyman123abc 6

    I'm leaving the Temp...

    I'm leaving the... Ok, I'm back :D
  • 330 24

    I just met someone with Streetpass. At home. While I was sleeping.

    I keep my n3ds in the room where I sleep. It should be around 50/65 feet (or 15/20 meters) from the street. Today I slept A LOT for some reason and I woke up a few hours ago and my n3ds's LED was green. I met someone. Not only that, it was someone with my same name. I also got a notification...
  • NutymcNuty 5

    I now has an LG G4!!!!

    Twas a hand-me-down from my mom. Gonna get a battery replacement lets hope I don't get bootloop'd
  • AlanJohn 3

    7 years

    Unbelievable. Somehow, I've managed not only to be "active" on this site for over 7 years, but I have also managed to consistently write a blog or topic about it annually. Usually these posts start with "Hey I remember registering here to ask about my R4i Pro Gold after yahoo answers failed me",...
  • ThoD 67

    Anime series everyone should watch at least once!

    Similarly to my last blog, I'll be giving some recommendations, but this time anime ones. I won't list OVA/OAV/movie-exclusive anime though, as those are for another blog (I have a LOT of them)! This time, I'm focusing more on lesser known (or almost completely unknown) anime series that are a...
  • luigismentor 0

    Mega Man Timeline Theory!

    Had a wall of text explaining this, but I accidentally refreshed the page. Just ask if you don't understand something. Also, I'm doing this because Capcom's statements and in-game dialogues tend to be contradictory. Mega Man Mega Man 2 Mega Man I GB Mega Man 3 Mega Man: The Wily Wars Mega Man...
  • huntertron1 0

    blog entry 7: where have i been

    ive had lots of stuff to do and i recently built a windows 3.0 pack but due to me being an ideot by forgeting how long copyright lasts gbatempt took it down. so ive been trying to get stuff done and been working on a new site for helping building nands for the dsi. and also just been gaming in...
  • David13 2

    Plugin Pokemon ORAS

    PLUGIN : POKEMON ORAS Hello everyone ! Today, I want to share with you my pokemon plugin ROSA/ORAS Version 1.1 (The plugin is in French but don't worry, an English version will be released soon) Here is the link where you can download it:...
  • SirBeethoven 11

    Response to Blujay

    Response to blujay from a recent discussion on my profile page Hmm, I see your point, but unless the US can work together with other countries, that won’t happen. I guess that I don’t understand the point of this video - if there are talented individuals who are trying to escape their country...
  • Spectral Blizzard 83

    I'm leaving for a week.

    I woke up in the morning to find a giant shitstorm waiting for me. And a Steam Key. So I'm leaving for a week. It'll do me and the Temp good. ... If you see me in the Steam Key Giveaway thread, it does not count.
  • Nerdtendo 4

    Oof, sorry.

    The biggest stain on my GBAtemp record yet. [ATTACH] The "Do NOT" really hit me hard. In all seriousness, I meant the clickbaity title as a joke but I understand that I went a little too far. My apologies, won't happen again.
  • Futurdreamz 21

    So aparrently Anal sex is illegal in Canada, except not really.

    Browsing the criminal code when I came across this gem: I mean yeah rape is still illegal but that's covered in other sections. But if you're going at it and it's dark and you accidently missed you are now a criminal aparrently.
  • Nerdtendo 7

    What do you do to combat sensory overload?

    I'm not really sure how many people experience sensory overload but I'm pretty sure it's a fairly common... Thing that people experience (I don't know what to call it, I don't think it's an actual disorder). Anyway, for those of you who don't know, "Sensory overload occurs when one or more of...
  • ctrninja 11

    foxverse is back! And better than ever!

    Hiya there, everyone! I'm proud to finally say foxverse is back but this time better than ever and we now support HTTPS (Yes the main issue that foxverse had is finally fixed, Thank you so much @MarcusD and @Stary2001 for the HTTPS patches and help with this!). You can join our Discord server...
  • HamBone41801 2

    Computer issues

    So its been some time since I reinstalled windows, and I've found a really weird issue. I am unable to install iTunes. The error itself is not strange, and there are fixes for it (although I don't know why it wasn't an issue before). The strange part is the error message, as well as the fact...

    Peter Popoff is at it again!

    This is just sad. Video here: WEST MICHIGAN -- Steve Lyles said he found letters written by his father to Peter Popoff Ministries. He described them as heartbreaking letters that detailed his father's desperation to beat stage IV...